Here in this article, we will learn about the different type of action results available in ASP.NET MVC 5. There are various action methods in MVC 5 but ActionResult is the base class for all the action methods available in MVC 5.

There are some restrictions also:

  • It cannot be overloaded
  • It cannot be a static method
  • It must be public, nor private or protected are allowed.



As we can see it is the base class which is defined as abstract class.

Types of Action Results
  • View Result
  • Redirect Result
  • Redirect To Route Result
  • File Result
  • Partial View Result
  • Redirect To Action Result
  • Json Result
  • Content Result

View Result

It returns the view page which has .cshtml extension in controller folder.

public ViewResult ViewDemo()  
            return View();  

Partial View Result

It returns the partial view as a result. Partial view is placed inside a Normal view page.

public PartialViewResult Sidebar()  
       return PartialView("_Sidebar");  

Redirect Result

It returns the result to a specific URL. It renders to the page by URL

public RedirectResult About()  
       return Redirect("Contact");  

Redirect to Action Result

It returns the result to the specific controller and action method.

public ActionResult Index()  
        return RedirectToAction("About", "Manage");  

Json Result

It is useful when we call the method using the ajax.

public JsonResult Index()  
       return Json("Successful", JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);  

File Result

It returns different file format view page using file result

public ActionResult FileDemo()  
      return File("Web.Config", "text");  

Content Result

It returns different content’s format to view.

public ActionResult Index()  
      return Content("<script>alert('Content Result');</script>");  


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